Industry 4.0 main agenda for Taiwanese machine manufacturers

Taiwanese machine manufacturers are embracing the fourth industrial revolution — also known as Industry 4.0 — as they continue to innovate in high-tech automation to ensure high productivity and efficiency of their machines.

Industrial machinery maker Fu Chu Shin (FCS), for example, is one of the biggest players in the industry in Taiwan.

FCS, which mainly produces injection molding machines (IMMs), ran a system on its products called “Intelligent ManuFactory”. FCS product manager Teh Ming-yi said the system had various high-tech features, which put forth effective machine-to-machine as well as human-to-machine communication.

“For example, sensors installed in the machine can distinguish between a good and bad [production process]. If something bad happens, the machine will inform us and determine the cause by conducting a failure analysis,” Teh said on the sidelines of the Taipei Plastic and Rubber Machinery Show (Taipei Plas) at the Nangang Exhibition Center in Taipei on Friday.

“This saves time and energy for companies”.

FCS’ customers in Indonesia include companies operating in Bekasi, West Java, and Surabaya, East Java, which are involved in the automotive and furniture sectors.

Another machinery manufacturer, Everplast, has its machines connected to smartphones for better communication and to monitor its activities. Everplast vice general manager Denny Huang said Industry 4.0 was on top of the company’s agenda.

“All of our machines are in line with Industry 4.0. They are very high-tech,” Huang added.

For example, Everplast’s medical tube machine, which produces single- and multi-lumen medical tubes, must ensure effective human-to-machine communication as it required high precision to produce the small-diameter medical equipment.

Huang said the company was currently seeking to expand to Indonesia after a failed attempt several years earlier. (dwa)

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