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Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Ecuador

Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia to Ecuador

Ambassador: H.E. Mrs. Diennaryati Tjokrisuprihatono
Address: Quiteno Libre E15-84, Bellavista, Quito, Pinchincha, Ecuador
Phone: +593-2-245320, 2247677
Fax : +593-2-3331967
website : http://www.kemlu.go.id/quito/Pages/default.aspx

Indonesian Honorary Consulate in Guayaquil

Honorary Consul : Mr. Marcelo Lopez MESTANZA
Address : Victor Emilio Estrada #626 y Ficus, Ciudad de la Tedesa, Guayaquil, Ecuador
Phone : (59-34) 238-6362
Fax : —
Email : —
Website : —

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